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You can use the Wellness Pod at any time. Sessions will leave you feeling relaxed, replenished and recharged. Meditation and Mindfulness is a consistent practice. People who do multiple sessions per week get the best results in their practice for mindfullness.

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Good question! We definitely want to expand our services to reach as many cities as possible. Even though our focus is Perth currently, we are open to hear your thoughts on our next location. Please contact us by email or complete the contact form.

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The simple answer is YES. We are already installing our pods within small businesses and corporations, and we have already started to collaborate with a few education campus and commercial landlords. We can work with your office facility and HR teams in order to furnish your request with one or more pods as is your requirement.

Category: Wellness Pods

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On this page from Wellness Pods Australia, we have Frequently Asked Questions to Meditation, Wellbeing and Mental Health. 


The technology of the past few decades has resulted in a large number of trades and professions working longer and more often. It’s also made it more difficult to disengage, even when you’re not there. Whether you finish work at 5:00pm or 11:00am, powering down mentally and physically is a must.

But for many people, it’s unrealistic to start work at the same time each day. Also, many people continue to work outside of their official hours. Because of this, it’s become increasingly important to create your own healthy boundaries and methods for unwinding during leisure time.

What’s the biggest challenge? Relaxing on demand! Relaxing on demand isn’t necessarily intuitive, particularly in our “always on” society. What’s relaxing to one person may not be the same for another. It’s up to you to determine what brings you a sense of calm.


Although there’s not one single activity that calms all, our Serenity Pods are a great place to start. Oxygen infused meditation in one of our Serenity Pods, can help remove stress and replace it with a calmer you. Meditation is an incredible practice that benefits us in so many different areas of life. It reduces stress, allows us to focus our minds and teaches us the joy of truly living in the moment.

Some people are comfortable sitting back with relaxing music and settling into meditation. But some of us prefer guided meditations, because it can be tough to meditate without a teacher or guide. Guided meditations walk you through a meditation, and help you find your own calm and peaceful mind.

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Our Serenity Pods are available throughout Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

Our Serenity Pods are available in Sydney, New South Wales, Perth, Western Australia, Melbourne, Victoria, Brisbane, Queensland, Canberra, ACT, Darwin, Northern Territory, Hobart, Tasmania, Adelaide, South Australia, Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Esperance, Western Australia, Geraldton, Western Australia, Cairns, Queensland, Townsville, Queensland.